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  • 2019-06-27
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When you think social marketing, think storytelling

In the Mad Men era, marketing used to be advertising, but that’s not the case anymore. To succeed, you must tell a story that people want to hear. These stories connect with people on an emotional level and are true.

Note: Brands that attempt to tell a false story will get caught.

 – Top tip from Seth Godin, embellished by Optymise

We are human first, and despite having many years experience in search engine marketing or SEO we keep track of the basic fact that human’s want to connect,  they want to hear from you,  your business, your story, what makes you different.

Sharing your story gets people to know your business. Take the product you want to promote and turn it upside-down, look all around it, write your promotion then turn it into a story. Tell the HOW, tell the WHEN, tell the WHY…. then let people choose if its right for them.

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